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Matcha : Your car. The closer, the better

Your car is new and fully loaded with the latest equipment. Your car is low on harmful emissions. Your car has a great chassis and plenty of style. Your car is a Matcha car! Matcha car is the one you want and the one you need!

  • Volkswagen Golf

    Volkswagen Golf

    Your Matcha staple, always up to it. A meeting in town or a weekend getaway, your Matcha Golf never lets you down: 5 doors and 5 seats, petrol engine.

  • Volkswagen Polo

    Volkswagen Polo

    Your urban Matcha, stylish, agile and easy to park! 4 seats, 5 doors, petrol engine.

  • Renault Twingo

    Renault Twingo

    Compact and agile, your Matcha Twingo is designed for the city. Parking manoeuvres are easy, since Twingo is just 3.59m long.

Discover Matcha locations !

We are continuously developing the Matcha network. If the closest Matcha car is still too far... let us know and we will try to park one closer!

How does it work?

  • 1

    Subscribe to the Ubeeqo app for free

  • 2

    Reservation of car type and selection of requested period

  • 3

    Access using card or smartphone

  • 4

    Return of the vehicle to its initial parking space

  • 5

    Replacing the car key in the glove box; automatic locking

  • 6

    Customer Service and breakdown assistance

To learn more, please read the general terms and conditions.

With Matcha , you only pay for what you use

Car ownership is expensive. Your car is parked 95% of its lifecycle and you pay for it 100% of the time! With Matcha, you only pay when you actually use it! Select the offer that matches your needs and discover the competitive rates for every Matcha car available.

  • Matcha


    £15/ month

    (no commitment)

    Advantages: from £4.50 per hour, the first 50 miles and fuel included, booking available up to 3 months in advance, competitive rates for 2 and 3 day rentals.

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  • Matcha


    £9 / month

    (no commitment)

    Advantages: from £5.00 per hour, the first 50 miles and fuel included, booking available up to 1 month in advance.



  • Matcha


    No membership

    (no commitment)

    Advantages: no subscription, from £5.00 per hour, the first 50 miles and fuel included.



Ubeeqo, what is it?

Matcha is an exclusive Ubeeqo car rental. What is Ubeeqo?

Ubeeqo is the only app bringing together all essential urban mobility features: locate a car, book it and securely pay for it. And you don’t have to own one! Just a few clicks on your PC, tablet or smartphone give you unlimited access to:

  • A selection of cars in self-service mode, parked close to where you live. It’s the perfect solution for short term travel needs; going to a friend’s house for dinner, making sure you’re on time for a business meeting or having the right size vehicle for a weekend in the country.
  • A traditional rental platform if you need a car for a few days or for several weeks...
  • Minicabs for effortless urban travel in Paris or in London or if you need to get to an airport on time and avoid the airport parking hassle!

Ubeeqo guarantees the most competitive rates, negotiated for our clients with our trusted long term partners. Additional benefits of our urban mobility solutions include a detailed monthly invoice and a responsive client service. Go for alternative urban mobility: with Ubeeqo, car ownership is a thing of the past, the new freedom means having the possibility to use a car when and where you need it without having to own one!

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